Why I Write

I’ve been struggling with this question for a bit recently. Back when I started blogging, it was meant to be place I rant about stuff (which I did a lot!), then it became like a dumping ground for photos I took when photography was the hobby of choice.

And nowadays, why do I even bother writing prose when I can’t even keep up with regularly updating a 140-words post?

Stripping everything away, I write because it does a few things for me:

  1. Penning my observations and thoughts help me make sense of the events around me.
  2. Journaling the seemingly significant life events.
  3. An outlet to share learnings and mistakes because I believe somewhere out there, someone is going through something similar.
  4. Writing time is personal me-time, which no one can take away from me.

Many times, I worry too much about you, the person reading this, and how you’d judge or criticize what I write. This is largely because of my inherent insecurity – I don’t think I write well enough, and/or interesting enough that you would have a good takeaway. But it’s time to look past that and accept that I’ll never be good enough but I’ll keep trying anyway, and I should focus on writing for myself first.

So if you’ve still reading this, thank you for sticking around. I’ll be spending more time here this year and I hope you won’t mind reading what I have to share.

Why I Write