Three Random Links #2

50 of the World’s Best Breakfasts Interesting look at what people eat for their first meals around the world. I usually like mine simple but indulgent so the Italian and Spanish ones would work for me.

Awesome People Hanging Out Together If you’re a pop culture geek like me, you will really enjoy this site. Great pics of great moments – go look for the black and white pic of the cast of the original Star Wars Trilogy.

(OK, if you’re lazy to look, it’s here)

Ben Hammersley’s speech to IAAC Ben Hammersley is a journalist, technologist and futurist. This is a transcript of his speech, in full to the IAAC about cybersecurity but he touched on many interesting points.

“The internet is the dominant platform for life in the 21st Century. We can bitch about it, but Facebook, Twitter, Google and all the rest are, in many ways the definition of modern life in the democratic West… To misunderstand the centrality of these services to today’s society is to make a fundamental error. The internet isn’t a luxury to life; for most people, knowingly or not, it is life.”

I like Ben’s work and I think he truly understands where the future is headed. I hope many of the world’s decision makers will heed some of his advice.

Three Random Links #2