Thoughts on Thor: The Dark World

I missed the theatrical run entirely and I’m not sorry that I did. There are a few exceptions but I generally enjoy most comic book movies. Thor: The Dark World is one of those exceptions.

I enjoyed the visual spectacle that Marvel’s movies have delivered. Marvel truly understands how to take the story from page to screen and make it more enjoyable. This movie delivers nothing short of that over-the-top sci-fi spectacle.

Beyond that, it does very little for me. For one, I’m not sure why that plot was a story worth telling. Narratively speaking, it felt weak compared to previous offerings. Thor fighting very hard for peace in the nine realms – yes we knew that. Thor loves Jane Foster to death – we know that too. Bad guy eventually defeated by the mjolnir – yes, I saw that coming too. The other characters brought nothing new to the table either.

The strongest performance in the film goes to Tom Hiddleston’s Loki, who had the best moments and the best lines. It’s almost as if the plot was written around Loki, one of the best anti-heroes on film.

Overall, I found the film a little flat and I think it’s completely missable. It felt like Marvel just wanted to release a sequel for the sake of it and it lacked the conviction of their previous films.

Thoughts on Thor: The Dark World