Thinking Aloud: Television Seasons

What if the concept of a television “season” (of 13 or 26 episodes) no longer exists?

Imagine a show that is 13 hours long, and you, as the viewer decides when you want to pause, fast forward or rewind? If you’re a binge viewer, you’ll love this. If you have a short attention span (like me), this is a great way to consume content.

To be honest, this is not very different from what Netflix did by premiering all 13 episodes of House of Cards at the same time, except you don’t have to contend with rolling credits every hour.

In fact, an “episode” will no longer exist since we don’t need the show to be broken up into 52-minutes chunks just to fit into a broadcast hour.

This could even change how a show is priced. Maybe you’ll pay for the show by the minute? Or in hour blocks? This allows the viewer to pay for exactly what was consumed, and it forces the producer to create the most compelling show to maximise revenue. Win-win, if you ask me.


Thinking Aloud: Television Seasons

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  1. But then – you would probably have to wait a longer period between “season/episode” …. so the line between TV and Movies will be…greyed…

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