Getting off Facebook

I’m getting increasingly tired of Facebook. To me, its trying to be everything to everyone and in their attempt to be the numero uno, they’ve (forcefully) cramped everything-remotely-social you could possibly conceive into one single site.

(I fail to understand how the Facebook app on iOS is 450 megabytes)

There’s roughly 3 categories of posts on my feed:

Rants about anything, and everything under the sun.

Posts of overly-staged fake-perfect moments in someone’s life.

Abused animals.

Sure I could filter and/or unfollow these but the algorithm keeps pulling the same type of posts over and over again.

No more. As of last week, Facebook is no longer on iPhone’s Home Screen. I’m no longer receiving any notifications of any sort. And I hope to delete the App in the near future. Unfortunately, I still use it for work.

Let’s check back in after 30 days.

Getting off Facebook

New Year, New You

2014 has landed like a cotton ball dropping onto a wet bathroom floor.

No boom, no buzz, no fireworks (none that I managed to see at least).

That’s because we’ve only just started. I believe 2014 will be an interesting year in tech and media.

In the tech space, we’ll see some companies try to innovate harder in the wearable devices space but not many will get it right or even meaningful.

In the media space, we’ll see some companies embrace the digital space a lot more than before. With luck and a lot of guts, we may see their digital efforts pay off in really big ways. (Think Beyonce’s digital exclusive release on iTunes – really nice album, by the way).

Will we even see a major film release on digital platforms first? Surely one can dream.

We’re about 9 hours in and some of us are curing a bad hangover while others simply just woke up feeling exactly like it was yesterday. But I have a feeling that we’ll be surprised and delighted at some point this year.

Here’s to a great 2014.

New Year, New You


Two nights ago, I dreamt we were waiting for a train to Brighton. We were younger then, probably in another dimension, in another time. You looked happy and I remember an indelible smile etched on your face. I had a hot cup of coffee, you were struggling with your juice and what looked like some pastry in a brown paper bag. You said you wanted to get some serviettes and you skipped off to the coffee shop, turning back once to wink and gestured for me to wait.

You never came back.