About three months ago, I embarked on a very personal project that I was hoping would change the way I lived. I was going to quit smoking, lose weight and get fitter and healthier.

It wasn’t easy, as you can imagine.

On 22 July, I took one last drag and called it quits. To deal with the severe nicotine withdrawals, I started meditating every morning.

To force myself to exercise, I signed up with a personal trainer at the gym and started an intense program of cardio work, weights and interval training up to six times a week.

I had to change what I ate everyday, going from salty, carb-heavy meals to clean, nutrient-rich food.

In three months, I’ve lost 11 kilograms and I’ve also grown stronger – not just physically, but mentally as well. A big part of this lifestyle change was pure willpower, determination and focus.

I’m feeling better in this body. I’m much more aware, present, fitter and happier. My attempt to change the way I live is off to a good start. There’s a lot more work to be done, and I’m going to spend more time writing and sharing the experience, and hope that it will benefit someone else out there who might want to do the same for themselves.



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