December 2014 was a wash so I won’t talk much about it except for that few days alone in Bangkok, which was nice.

I’m a little gymmed out after working out four times this week and it’s only Thursday. My trainer is happy and my body is sore but I’m feeling good.

Since this is the first full week, I’ve decided to start strong and push through with momentum.

Weight check: 76kg. Good.

Meals: Been eating clean so far. Good.

Meditating: Every morning this week. Good.

This year we focus more on getting stronger and leaner. Training will be tougher and more frequent, meals will be more restrictive but it’s all fine. Usually, I would wait and prepare and plan and mull and strategize (and repeat all of the above) before starting on any new endeavour. And most of the time we end up not doing anything about it.

Not anymore.

This year we jump in before we’re fully ready and see where it takes us. Less trying, more doing. Let’s see where we end up.