Pointless Nostalgia

Yesterday, I went out with my trusty camera, in search of a shot for a new project I’m undertaking. More on that later.  But I knew one of the places I could find that shot I need was somewhere I used to spend a lot of my growing years in.

In the heart of Tanjong Pagar, the first public swimming pool in Singapore opened it’s doors 57 years ago.  According to the National Library archives, visitors to Yan Kit Swimming Complex used to pay 15 cents per entry.  And it was so damn popular that two-hour limits were imposed on swimmers.  On Tuesdays, it was only open to women, who were too shy to appear in their bathing suits in front of men.

Today, eights years after it’s 2001 closure, what little remains there is a mere ghost of her former self.  I remember spending hot saturday afternoons playing in the pool.  I remember getting my toes cut on the cracked tiles that line the walls of the pool.  I remember diving into the deep end, only to get my ass hauled out by the lifeguard because we weren’t allowed to do “cannonballs”.  Of course, we’d do it again once he’s not looking.

If this place was ever part of your memories, you might want to go pay a visit before it’s totally demolished.  If you have no idea where I’m talking about, then I still hope you enjoy the pictures.


2 thoughts on “Pointless Nostalgia

  1. Your lead picture is interesting, as is the one of the graffiti. But I would have thought without reading the copy that it might be some type of prison with the metal bar gate blocking the way. I wonder if you went back and shot in color if you might begin to see some of the lingering joy you and others once experienced there. Rendering it in B&W as you have done seems to totally change the nature of the site. My thoughts, anyway.

    1. 强仔 says:

      I’d really like to have gone back inside the compound but it was locked up for good. The best I could do (without trespassing) was to get the shots from the surrounding buildings. Thank you for your comments, I’d really like to make another round if they open it up again.

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