Goodbye Lush 99.5

Like many in Singapore, I read the news with heavy heart.

In a Facebook post on 17th July:

Lush 99.5FM will be stopping transmission on 31st August at 1159pm after 13 years.

(Yes, the irony of reading this on Facebook is not lost on me.)

I loved this station for being a tastemaker, for crafting an identity that is the antithesis of mainstream radio. It had a bold voice, and it used that voice to build a community around the creative arts. Lush 99.5 championed the arts and local music more than any of us did.

It’s sad that Mediacorp Radio cannot recognise that, and even if they did, they couldn’t find any other way to preserve that unique voice.

It’s sadder that in an industry supported by airtime sales, there just isn’t enough advertisers who wants to target this community of listeners and fans who appreciate good taste in music and arts.

Saddest still, we will be forced to put up with the remaining stations, with lowest-common-denominator music tastes, interjected by the meaningless chatter of bland, bottom-of-the-barrel disc jockeys.

Goodbye, Lush 99.5. It’s been a great 13 years. You will be sorely missed.

Goodbye Lush 99.5

Spider-Man: Homecoming

It’s a coming-of-age film that happens to have a comic book super hero in it.

It had heart in the beats where it needed most and its quite endearing to see a superhero struggling with his worst adversaries—his teenage crush and hormones. It didn’t need to plough through a hero’s existential crisis or bear the weight of building a franchise, or worse, trudging through the origin story all over again.

Shoutout to Jon Watts for pulling this off. To be honest, I don’t know who he was until this film. Tom Holland and Michael Keaton really shined in their roles.

This is a 4 out of 5 for me. Thoroughly enjoyable and is more than enough to shed and forget the baggage of the previous Spider-Man movies.

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Getting off Facebook

I’m getting increasingly tired of Facebook. To me, its trying to be everything to everyone and in their attempt to be the numero uno, they’ve (forcefully) cramped everything-remotely-social you could possibly conceive into one single site.

(I fail to understand how the Facebook app on iOS is 450 megabytes)

There’s roughly 3 categories of posts on my feed:

Rants about anything, and everything under the sun.

Posts of overly-staged fake-perfect moments in someone’s life.

Abused animals.

Sure I could filter and/or unfollow these but the algorithm keeps pulling the same type of posts over and over again.

No more. As of last week, Facebook is no longer on iPhone’s Home Screen. I’m no longer receiving any notifications of any sort. And I hope to delete the App in the near future. Unfortunately, I still use it for work.

Let’s check back in after 30 days.

Getting off Facebook