Moving Out

Just about ten years ago, I moved out and lived on my own.

Looking back, this was one of the best decisions of my life.

You’ll come to realise many things – one of which is how much it actually costs your parents to put a roof over your head for so many years.

Thank you, mum.

When my world expanded from a single room to an entire apartment, I felt like I have truly grown up.

Tonight, I’m back at my mum’s, in the same room I spent most of life in. This room used to be my whole world.

Obviously, my preferences have changed over the years. This single bed feels too small. My blanket – the same one I’ve used and loved has lost its comforting magic. The fluorescent light which I never thought too much about, is now uneasily bright and cold. And I just saw a tiny lizard run from the back of the shelf into my luggage.

This doesn’t feel familiar anymore but I guess its okay, I think its meant to feel this way after so many years – just so I remember where home really is.

Moving Out