Instagram Gallery

I really liked Instagram until the most recent update. The original app was brilliantly simple, it allowed a very quick way to get from a shot to an picture shared online with your followers. The latest version not only removed my favorite filter, it also made most of the filters look freakishly similar. Some filters look like a desaturated or more-contrasty version of another. The differences are so unnecessary that I’m spending more time changing filters and trying to figure out why I should be using one over another.

In my opinion, adding a layer of indecision destroyed the spontaneity of the original app, going from shoot-filter-share to shoot-filter-filter-filter-what?-ok they look alike-fine this will do-share.

That moment is lost.

I’ll be using it lesser now so I thought I’d dump some of my older shots here, for posterity’s sake

All these are taken before the update and have only been treated with in-app filters.