I’m a daddy!

Yup, I’m a daddy today and my little baby girl is THE sweetest little thing. The moment we met her, we fell in love instantly. She is a gentle puppy, and had a quiet confidence about herself when she didn’t eagerly try to impress us. Her docile nature drew me. She is about slightly over 2 months old and her strength in character makes her feel more mature than her age. She’s a tri-colored beagle, and her marking on the forehead looks almost like a heart. And on her back, she has markings that looks like a little pair of wings.

We named her Angel.

Angel with a heart shaped forehead The dog with the angel wings

We brought her home and realized that this is almost like raising a baby. We had to play with her, put her back to her pen for her nap, prepare her food, make sure she poops and pees at the right spot. *whew* I’m so tired by now. Here’s two more pics of her, one of her trying to chew her way through my furniture and the other taken after she dozed off.

Guess I’m not the only one dog-tired.

Chewing up my furniture Angel sleeping

EDIT: Changed to slightly over 2 months old. She’s born on 18th April so technically she’s coming 10 weeks.

I’m a daddy!

7 thoughts on “I’m a daddy!

  1. OMG… This is easily one of the most happy moments in your life. Take good care of her! You should really visit Pet Safari at Eastpoint. The range of doggie costumes will amaze you!

    Way to go bro!

  2. Charmie says:

    I believe pets choose their people, and Angel couldn’t have made a better choice. Congrats, you two, on your little Wooklet. 🙂

  3. Spidey says:

    So cute!! you take good care of her…now i know how come didt see ya online… Ya Anskiere Pet Safari idea’s good… WK vivocity have Per Safari too..

  4. Fantod says:

    Nice!! You are making me so envious since I’ve always wanted to have a dog too. Beagles are my favorite too alongside huskies. Give love…..

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