Growing up… beagle

Tomorrow, my little Angel will be 3 months old.It’s been a crazy few weeks. Waking up early, rushing back from work, cleaning poop, wiping up pee, getting my toes and fingers bitten and all the things you’d expect from a growing puppy. Today, she also reached up and bit my family jewels. A first and last, I hope.

She’s a smart girl, already mastered sit and fetch. And we spend a lot of time playing with all her toys and chasing each other around the house. I think i’m overcompensating for not spending enough time with her while at work. I’m starting to learn her temperament – she hates it when I’m watching TV or playing xbox (see pic below), she likes to sit by our feet at the couch, we just gotta give her the attention. She loves to fetch but not too many times in a row and only THAT particular toy. She hates to shower but loves to lick soap bubbles. She loves her cough mixture (just like daddy), but she hates us applying ointment on her little bald patch on her side. When she’s happy she’s run around in circles then sit. When she’s throwing a tantrum, she’ll yelp once then run away. Sometimes, she’s too human.

Next up, I gotta teach her the down command, so hopefully she won’t chomp on my jewels again.Here’s a few pics of her taken last week, since she’s growing up so fast.

Angry angel My angel
Angel begging for treats Naughty girl!

Here’s to many more good years ahead. Happy 3rd month girl! You’ll be a woman soon.

Growing up… beagle

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  1. LOL – welcome to the wonderful world of four-legged children! Enjoy her while she’s a pup. Our two hounds still act infantile – unless they are in the presence of the male sheepdog round the corner – then things… change.

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