Choice Is Overrated

According to Nielsen’s latest report, Americans have more cable channels than they can channel surf in one night. The average US TV home now receives 189 channels, up from 130 in 2008.

If you spend 1 minute on each, you would have wasted 3 hours and still haven’t watched anything. Yet the average customer only watch 17 channels consistently – the same number as their 2008 consumption.

The Cable industry is antiquated and increasingly irrelevant in an age where access to quality content is easier and significantly cheaper. Times have changed and the consumers have moved on and seeking better alternatives.

I believe Cable’s glory days are over and their obsolescence is inevitable. Having spent close to 10 years in that industry, I’ve seen no real innovation but instead we get dumber, derivative shows and more niche channels that we don’t watch yet have to pay for.

More is not always more, and in this case, I’m fully convinced that the average consumer would gladly not pay for the 172 channels that they don’t watch.

Choice Is Overrated