Beach Boy

I spent the last weekend in Bintan.

If you’ve never been there, Bintan is an Indonesian island with resorts that are unashamedly lacking in character but makes it up with rather pretty beaches. From the “International” buffet lunches to the “cultural show” performed over dinner, this place feels like a retirement home on steroids.

Nonetheless, it was a good break away from real life just spending time in the pool, getting a massage and catching up on lost sleep.

I got this shot just as the sun was calling it a day and as I walked along the beach, I saw this boy who couldn’t seem to get enough of the waves.


2 thoughts on “Beach Boy

  1. rk says:

    haha…retirement home on steriods. anyway nice shot. lucky you, the beaches there are pretty aren’t they. i was also at the beach….ECP beach. nothing close to bintan’s.

    1. 强仔 says:

      Well, I’ve seen nicer looking beaches. ECP isn’t that bad if you don’t swim in it. You should head to Bintan with your kids and do absolutely nothing. You’ll know what I mean after that.

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