Another New Year’s Resolution

2010. Yes, we all know by now that our lives crossed over to the new year yesterday.

I’ve spent the past few days and a large part of today still wondering how this year will affect the rest of my life.  On the personal front, it’s going to be a year of change.  If there’s one point in time I’m looking forward to, is 364 days from now.

This year’s resolution is simple:

Love, laugh, learn and let go.

From 2009, I know that I’d so easily let small things bog me down and in the end, getting very little done.  Lack of time is an easy excuse to use but really, I think I’ve been distracted by the things that happened in the year. I’m certainly keeping my hopes up this year and I really want to pick up on the projects I’ve started earlier.

For one, I’m starting on a 365 photos project in 2010. Just one pic a day so 364 days later, I can look back and not sit there, scratching my head and wondering where the year went (like I did on 31 Dec 2009). I have a set created on flickr if you’d like to follow, or you could just swing by here. Coincidentally, two of my friends have also started their 365 project and if you’d like to have a look, here are their flickr pages: Jasmin and Jimmy.

Also this year, I hope to travel to 4 new places I’ve never been before.  I already have India lined up from 22nd Jan so that’s one down. For the other 3, I’m still open to suggestions if there’s somewhere you think I absolutely have to go.  Just drop me a note in the comments below.

About that previous question that I’ve posed last year, “Would you like you if you met you?”, I’m still working on it.  Hopefully, I’ll have something sometime this year.

Another New Year’s Resolution

2 thoughts on “Another New Year’s Resolution

  1. Daph says:

    365 project sounds cool !! But I’m 8days behind 🙁

    Like your blog’s new format. Happy new year and all the best 🙂

    1. 强仔 says:

      365 is quite an adventure indeed so far. You should do it, don’t have to start on 1s Jan what. Or you can do 52 – once a week.

      Happy new year to you too, in freezing London. Take care!

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