A New Era

The past seven days were emotional for many Singaporeans.

The Singapore community in Hong Kong gathered today for the State Funeral Service. I heard Singlish spoken, and they served us pandan cake and even gave us packets of tissue paper. It was rather comforting being around fellow Singaporeans today as it almost felt like home.

I got emotional just thinking about how my life and the lives of millions of other Singaporeans benefitted from his life’s work.

His dedication to his life’s work is truly inspiring. You could say he was Singapore’s first entrepreneur, and our 50-year old nation was the start-up. As a CEO, he walked the talk, rolled up his sleeves, and worked tirelessly for his employees’ and their future.

Today we celebrated his life and everything he worked for, and we mourned and grieved that he is no longer around as the guiding light. As an era in Singapore history ended, a new one began. It’s time to move on, as he would have wanted us to, and look forward to tomorrow. His legacy lives in every one of us.

Here’s to another 50 years, Singapore. Majulah Singapura.

A New Era