33% extra

Took my little girl to the vet today, and was a little shocked that in 7 days, that little pup put on 33% of her body weight – from 1.8kg to 2.4kg.

In seven days!


I still can’t get over it. She puts on weight as fast as I do! Anyway, she’s better already since her bad cough last week thanks to a heady concoction of antibiotics, cough mixture and lots of tender loving care. And strangely enough, just like her daddy, she loves cough mixture and laps it up without any struggling.I digress. Yesterday we noticed a little skin rash thing and had to take her in for a check-up. It’s nothing serious, looks like a scab but since there’s no mites and my little girl is not scratching or chewing it, it’s probably some bacterial infection/irritation thing. (I can tell my knowledge of medical terms must have impressed you). Now, on top of waking earlier in the morning to prepare her food and to induce pooping, I now have to clean her rash, dry it and apply cream for her. *sigh* Did I tell you she takes after her daddy?

In the 8 days that we had her, she’s starting to develop an irritating habit. She loves to bite my toes. In fact, anywhere she can get her puny little milk teeth on, with lots of growling too. I was worried that one night I might wake up and find her jaws around my neck, so for the past few days I’ve been putting her back in her play pen whenever she starts to bite, but to no avail. I’ve considered applying citronella-based insect repellent on my hands and feet, either that or selling her and buying a tamagotchi instead. In the end, I did the most rational thing and asked the vet for advice.

According to her, I might be reinforcing the wrong thing by first letting her nibble and secondly, I should have a designated “time out” area where I can throw her into whenever she’s being a naughty brat. The point is to deprive her of the attention that she’s trying to get. Also, I’m supposed to constantly reassure, praise her and give her treats when she’s doing the right thing – even the most mundane like sitting still (which I’ve yet to experience from her), drinking water or sleeping. The purpose of this is to constantly remind that dog the good things that she’s doing and based on the canine instinct that they want to please their pack leaders, she would in time be conditioned do more of these.This “time-out” area, affectionately known as the “Sin Bin” has to a place that feels like a punishment, somewhere she won’t want to normally go and somewhere we can keep an eye on her yet she can’t reach us. So the kitchen toilet is out of the question since I’m training her to take a crap and piss there. Her play pen is out too cos’ she spends a lot of time there in the day. Her crate is out too cos she’s in it when she’s in our room before she’s properly toilet-trained.

Seriously, the only place I can think of is my oven.

Gosh, enough dog for today. I need to shower and sleep.

33% extra

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  1. Oven??? That’s a good one. Didn’t know you like hot dogs that much. Try the washing machine instead! Hahahaa! Juz joking but seriously, if you do designate a ‘Sin Bin’, be ready for a lot of barking. I rather deal out a stern ‘NO’ and stare at my doggie. It usually work.

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